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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

It Never Stops Hurting

Like I've stated before, I'm no nubie to this industry and all the shit that comes with it sometimes. I've been labled, treated like and called a whore on many occasions and while I understand that these feelings come from a place of misundertsanding, sometimes it still really pisses me off.

Being stigmatized by medical professionals really hurts and gets under my skin. There is already a weird dynamic at play when you are visiting a doctor and having to justify my personal decisions to a judgemental bastard only increases the uneven power exchange.

I guess I forget sometimes living in my little sex positive bubble that is San Francisco that our society is still extremely sex negative. Experiences like the one I had yesterday with my doctor are a harsh reminder of the streotypes that I live to break.

Whatever happened to comprehensive and nonjudgemental health care? Why should I not be able to discuss my (recent car accident) injuries and how that affects my ability to do my job? Why should I instead have to sit there and defend why I'm "dancing" as oposed to some lame office job that I'd never be happy in? Why is that even relevant when discussing my physical health?

What really makes my mad is that someone like me who is out about sex work and confident in my choices can be affected and in essence "silenced" by this kind of treatment and stigmatization. If I'm affected like this then I can only imagine it is worse for those who aren't out and comfortable about publicizing their jobs. This just serves as a reminder for me to continue to be open and face those sterotypes head on.


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At 2:40 AM, Blogger Skanky Jane said...

I'm with you Dirty Little Whore. Not very professional of the good doc.

SJ xx


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